About Me

Let me introduce myself: I am Jose Mari Ardanaz Ezcurdia. 

When I finished my first Camino de Santiago I discovered that what makes it a special place, what fills it with magic, is not its thousands of years of history, its legends, its monumentality… No. The magic of the Camino is the pilgrims who walk it and fill its veins with life: their stories, their motives, their desires and that brotherhood inconceivable in other places that makes them overcome languages, creeds or cultures and speak only ‘empathy’ and ‘solidarity’. Those two things that the world is so in need of.

From that moment on I knew I wanted more. More Camino -I have already walked four Caminos- and more pilgrims -here is ‘Camino people’ to meet them-. I knew that my passion for Marketing -I have an EMBA from ESIC– for computers -I have an engineering degree in computer sciencesocial networks and that habit that I have for sticking my nose into almost everything in search of a good story, could somehow combine to achieve something beautiful that would make me happy.

And here I am, making that dream come true and, if I can, making yours come true.

Let’s talk about that Camino you have pending -don’t worry about the language, I am bilingual in English and Spanish and fighting with Chinese-. Let’s have an espresso -one of my passions- or a good beer (IPA if possible) and see what you need and how you can give shape to that dream. I warn you that I’m a neat freak and I don’t think we’ll miss anything.

But if what’s on your mind is to find a way of living that keeps you close to the Camino, we can also talk. I’m an entrepreneur trainer and coach, I’ve gone through the entrepreneurship program of Pamplona Emprende, I’ve been selected for the Calle Mayor Coliving coworking program of the Pamplona City Council and I collaborate with the Diversity for Equality program. I was one of the participants in the Africa Basque Challenge that seeks to promote entrepreneurship between Africa and the Basque Country, a personal experience and a lesson that allows us to understand that things are only difficult if we want them to be difficult.

Caminos I walked