This is me

The founder of El Camino People at Santiago de Compostela

About Me

Yes, I always talk about us but for now… is just me! Let me introduce myself:

A couple of years ago I decided to complete a long life dream, walk El Camino de Santiago. And that changed my life. After walking the French Camino I realized that there was plenty of websites about El Camino de Santiago, but none of them were talking about the most important part of El Camino. THE PEOPLE, so thanks to my friend Pedro who sent me the first story I went ahead and created the El Camino People family on Instagram. And that decision lead me to where I am today. I am here to help others find their Way and also to tell the world the amazing stories that El Camino can and will continue telling to all that wants to listen.

So that’s why I decided to go full on and create this Camino consulting firm. No matter where you come from or where you’re going, I am here to help you with whatever your Camino project is.



World Trails Network

Since attending the WTN Conference in Santiago de Compostela in 2018 I decided to volunteer at this amazing organization.


Coworking Coliving Calle Mayor 59

The Pamplona City Council chose El Camino People to be one of the projects of the Coworking Coliving project Calle Mayor 59. The project gives us a place to base our offices and to live. Also, we will be mentored for a year by different companies and Universities.


Coaching and Mindfulness in El Camino

To accompany the personal and professional improvement, facilitating the knowledge of oneself and a process of reflection and development of the potentialities by means of sessions of supervision that are happening at the same time that it is advanced, walking, in the different stages of the El Camino de Santiago.

Camino Frances

I walked El Camino Frances from Saint Jean de Pie de Port in 2017. It was an incredible experience that will change my life forever.

Camino Frances-Meseta

Santiago Muxia - Finisterre

After finishing El Camino in Santiago I walked first to Muxia and then to Finisterre

Sunset Virgen de la barca

Camino Portuguese Coastal

In 2018 I wanted to have a different experience from the more crowded Camino Frances I switched to the Portuguese Coastal.

way of St James- Camino Portuguese

Variante Espiritual

In 2018 while I was walking the Portuguese Coastal I took a little detour to discover the none so well known Variante Espiritual.

Caminho portugues sign



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