Why us?

El Camino de Santiago

Even where you see it, this apparently simple Way has survived the men and women who dreamed it. Those who painted it. Those who thought they could keep it and those who tried to put doors on it. Tenacious, tireless, immutable to the immediate but permeable to the essence and flexible before the human being, the Way to Santiago has sculpted the character of millions of pilgrims who have returned home with a clear consciousness of what they want in life and how to achieve it.

The Pilgrim’s experience

So many pilgrims, however, do not take advantage of their experience: thousands of factors can alter perception and make you not understand, not listen, not understand what the Way says and lose this golden opportunity.

There are also those who come back totally disappointed because they expect from the Way a kind of oracle that tells them how to get what we think they want with all our strength. But the Way does not address what we think we want but what we need -whether we seek our personal growth or a change in the way our family, company or organization works.