34# When the yellow arrows lead you to a life in Spain and a baby named Tiago

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
34# When the yellow arrows lead you to a life in Spain and a baby named Tiago


Today we have with us Cassie Childers and James Ryle. CoAuthors of the book ¨The Camino provides. A Curious Guide to the Camino del Norte¨

Cassie and James are living right now in Andalusia, Spain. They both fall in love with the Camino the Santiago and after years of traveling the world, they decided to settle in the warm south of Spain.

In their book they provide and mixe between the inner journey of a couple and at the same time an unconventional account of the pilgrimage on the Camino del Norte.

Come with us and discover what moved this couple to walk their first Camino, what happened after that and why they came back with baby Tiago to walk the Celtic Camino. This and more in today’s podcast!

Step by step

0:22 ➤ Intro
0:50 ➤ Introducing Cassie and James
1:30 ➤ Living in Spain as ex-pats
6:40 ➤ The one minute questionnaire
9:10 ➤ When did you discover the Camino de Santiago for the first time?
14:10 ➤ From living in Ireland to living in Spain to walk the Camino
20:00 ➤ Walking the Camino pregnant with baby Tiago
21:00 ➤ Walking the Celtic Camino and the Camino with 6 month old Tiago
22:10 ➤ Why moving to Spain?
24:00 ➤ Walking the Camino del Norte
32:00 ➤ A bad encounter with bed bugs
34:00 ➤ The Camino Karma
37:00 ➤ Arriving to Santiago
39:00 ➤ Celtic Camino + Camino Ingles + Baby Tiago
51:00 ➤ From the blog to the book, another camino
58:00 ➤ The book make it real
1:00:00 ➤The Camino People
1:07:00 ➤And what next?


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