37# There is only one right Camino, yours

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
37# There is only one right Camino, yours


Life seems to be a long period of time, in which we have plenty of time to plan for future events. But what happens when something unexpected occurs?  Something happened to today’s guest pilgrim Gaelle. She planned to walk the Camino de Santiago with her dad. But due to cancer, they couldn’t fulfil their dream together.

After his death, she was destroyed as a little girl who loses her favourite and greatest hero. She wasn’t able to come back into the “normal world”, unemployed and sad she was in a really tough situation. In the summer of  2020 Gaelle wasn’t feeling better. Not being able to keep her jobs, her social interaction was pretty limited, she was still in a weird sport emotionally speaking.

She knew that I had to do something if I wanted to heal… So, Gaelle decided to go on the Camino even if her dad wasn’t here to do it . In a week her bag was packed, I waited to received my credential and I took a blablacar from Cannes to Toulouse.

It is often a Camino conversation on Facebook groups and on social media in general about the” right way” to do the Camino. And as the title of this episode says is there is only one right way. YOUR WAY!

Gaelle’s Camino was as follows:

  • 251km Blablacar
  • 279 km Train
  • 50 km Stop ( hitchhiking)
  • 100Km Bus
  • 425 km walk ( same for my doggy ^^)

Listen to today’s episode to discover more about Gaelle’s and Scott’s Camino!

And remember this Thursday at 20:30 we will be going live on Facebook and YouTube to give you the latest information about travelling to Spain and walking the Camino.

Step by step

0:22 ➤ Intro
4:00 ➤ Introducing Gaelle and Scott
9:30 ➤ First connection with the Camino de Santiago
12:00 ➤ From planning to walk the Camino with her dad, to walk the Camino for her dad.
15:00 ➤ Don’t leave things for later
19:00 ➤ Gaelle’s Camino, the big no plan
20:50 ➤ The Camino Backpack, is the 10% rule real?
27:30 ➤ The little companion, Scott the perregrino
32:50 ➤ There is only one walk your Camino, your own
36:00 ➤ The Camino has all kind of accommodations and it is right to try them all!
39:00➤ Walking with her Dad
41:00 ➤ Best and worst Camino memories
44:00 ➤ The Camino de Santiago, one of the safest places to travel for women
48:00 ➤ Arriving in Santiago ,not as expected
52:00 ➤ Next Camino?


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