32# Kenneth Strange,from former FBI agent to Camino de Santiago author

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
32# Kenneth Strange,from former FBI agent to Camino de Santiago author


Today we have with us Kenneth Strange. Ken fell in love with Spain during a high school trip to Madrid.

He spent a junior year abroad in Madrid, Spain, where he first learned about the 500-mile Camino to Santiago de Compostela. A chance encounter in Mexico with Martin Sheen, actor in the movie “The Way,” was part of the inspiration for him and his wife to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

He wrote his first book based on that journey, “It’s Your Way: A Couple’s 500-Mile Pilgrimage Through Spain,” which can be found on Amazon in English and Spanish.

A former FBI and DOJ OIG agent and current private investigator (Strange Investigations), he has a thirst for adventure and travel that has taken him to more than 65 countries. Ken lives in Thousand Oaks, is married, and has twin daughters”.

Our first pilgrim interview in dual!! He has become the first one to be interviewed in English and Spanish. And for that, we are really glad that all of our listeners can enjoy and share his journey.

One thing Ken and I agree upon, its that the Camino no matter what you do, must be walked at least once in a lifetime. Are you ready for yours?

Step by step

0:11➤ Intro
2:50 ➤ Introducing Ken
5:30 ➤ The one minute questionnaire
7:00 ➤ First Camino connection
11:00 ➤ From being a student in Spain during Franco time to walk the Camino in the 21st century
16:00 ➤ Getting back to Spain to walk the Camino
19:00 ➤ A personal search been a catholic walking to Santiago
26:00 ➤ How is to walk 500 miles with your espouse
29:00➤ People in the the Camino,when language doesnt matter
32:00 ➤ When the journey evolves into a book
32:50 ➤ The process of writing a book
42:00 ➤ The gift that never stops giving


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