4# Coronavirus COVID 19 and El Camino de Santiago

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
4# Coronavirus COVID 19 and El Camino de Santiago


Today we will talk about the famous Coronavirus, the current state and how this may affect the El Camino de Santiago o Way of Saint James.

There is a problem with this podcast and the intro wasn’t recorded. Please jump to 3:23 for the begging of the interview.

We attended a talk at the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre in which Aurelio Barricarte, head of the section of the Epidemiology and Health Prevention Service of the Government of Navarre, informed us about the state of the virus and the measures to be taken.

As the information advances we will update the information with in the following podcast. As well as in all our social networks:

Step by step

[skipto time=3:30]3:30 ➤ Beginning of the interview[/skipto]
[skipto time=7:30]7:30 ➤ The start of the virus[/skipto]
[skipto time=10:00]10:00 ➤ Transmission of the virus[/skipto]
[skipto time=15:30]15:30 ➤ Number of cases[/skipto]
[skipto time=24:00]24:00 ➤ Precautions[/skipto]
[skipto time=33:00]33:00 ➤ Walking or not walking the Camino[/skipto]
[skipto time=35:50]35:50 ➤ Farewells [/skipto]


  • Last update from the Ministry of Health: link.
  • Current status of COVID-19: link.
  • Guidelines for hospitaliers and pilgrims of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago: link


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