31# A walk to freedom through mindfulness

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
31# A walk to freedom through mindfulness


Today we have with us Sven Kaven. Sven is the founder of Wewalknow. He dedicates his life to write books and sharing his love for walking in Spain with others.

An avid pilgrim, Sven has walked many of the Caminos de Santiago. From his first time on the French Camino to the latest less known Caminos in Andalusia. As a mindfulness coach, he takes small groups of people into different Caminos all over Spain. Reconnect to oneself, freedom, minimalism, and enjoying the Camino but not the most known ones.

Crossing over the Pyrenees during New Year’s eve, or walking the Camino Mozarabe are some of Sven’s proposals.

Want to discover more about Sven’s story and what lead him to become a mindfulness coach and a Camino writer? Listen to today’s interview!

Step by step

[skipto time=0:11]0:11➤ Intro[/skipto]
[skipto time=3:20]3:20 ➤ Introducing Sven[/skipto]
[skipto time=5:00]5:00 ➤ One minute questionnaire [/skipto]
[skipto time=6:28]6:28 ➤ Camino connection[/skipto]
[skipto time=10:00]10:00 ➤ First day in the Camino[/skipto]
[skipto time=14:00]14:00 ➤ Not booking in advance, the Camino provides[/skipto]
[skipto time=15:00]15:00 ➤ The Camino by yourself or the Camino with a group[/skipto]
[skipto time=17:50]17:50 ➤ Camino expectations[/skipto]
[skipto time=20:50]20:50 ➤ Taking the Camino into your everyday life[/skipto]
[skipto time=25:00]25:00 ➤ When the Camino calls you again, you can only say yes. From Malaga to Gibraltar[/skipto]
[skipto time=28:00]28:00 ➤ The Via de la Plata[/skipto]
[skipto time=31:00]31:00 ➤ Describing all the different Caminos that Sevn walked in one sentence[/skipto]
[skipto time=37:00]37:00 ➤ Book Writer and mindfulness coach. Storytelling finding presence through walking.[/skipto]
[skipto time=46:00]46:00 ➤Walking in Andalucia during COVID[/skipto]
[skipto time=50:00]50:00 ➤Becoming a mindfulness teacher[/skipto]
[skipto time=53:00]53:00 ➤Walking in Andalucia during COVID[/skipto]
[skipto time=54:00]54:00 ➤Pedro[/skipto]
[skipto time=1:00:00]1:00:00 ➤Farewell[/skipto]


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