30# Burnout recover to Santiago

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
30# Burnout recover to Santiago


What happens when you let your work overcome you? When there seems that nothing motivates you anymore. Everything goes great, you are a successful person, but deep inside you, there is something going on…

In today’s episode, Thorsten Jonas will share with us his experience. As a successful UX Consultant, Thorsten has worked for many international firms. But one day he felt that he couldn’t continue anymore. Burnout, depression, a topic that is still hard to talk about. But a real problem for many.

We will share how the Camino de Santiago helped him and also lead him to where he is today. Sharing his story worldwide and helping others take that step forward and confront the fear of being pointed out. The fear of feeling different or weak.

If you feel like you need someone to talk, or that the Camino can help you. Feel free to contact us!! We are here for you!

Here some links to Thorsten conferences.

Step by step

[skipto time=0:22]0:11 ➤ Intro[/skipto]
[skipto time=3:20]3:20 ➤ Introducing Thorsten[/skipto]
[skipto time=8:50]1:30 ➤ One minute questionnaire[/skipto]
[skipto time=12:00 ]6:00 ➤ How did you discover the Camino[/skipto]
[skipto time=16:20]16:20 ➤ Germans connection to the Camino and the book[/skipto]
[skipto time=22:30]22:30 ➤ What lead you to walk the Camino de Santiago[/skipto]
[skipto time=25:20]25:20 ➤ How to know you are going into a burnout[/skipto]
[skipto time=33:30]33:30 ➤ Unplugging from life[/skipto]
[skipto time=38:50]38:50➤ Planning the Camino[/skipto]
[skipto time=44:00]44:00 ➤ Camino expectations[/skipto]
[skipto time=48:50]32:50 ➤ Most important memories of your Camino[/skipto]
[skipto time=59:00]59:00 ➤ The Camino from a UX design point of view, why it is so well design[/skipto]
[skipto time=1:04:00]1:04:00➤ What changed in you[/skipto]
[skipto time=1:13:00]1:13:00➤ Taking the Camino to the everyday life[/skipto]
[skipto time=1:18:00]1:18:00➤ From burnout, to Camino, to stand up and share your story to the world[/skipto]
[skipto time=1:29:00]1:29:00➤ Farewells[/skipto]



Thank you all so much for walking with us one more day.Thanks a lot for your ratings, your likes, and your feedback on all platforms where the podcast is available. (Itunes, Ivoox, Youtube, Spotify). You can leave your comments on the episode in the comments section of the program’s notes page.

I would love to invite any of you that would be interested in being interviewed for the podcast to use this contact form and tell us a little bit about you. We will get back to you soon so we can arrange for a time that fits both for the recording.

Also if you want us to talk about any specific topic, please use the Propose a Topic section and we will answer your request. If we need an expert on the matter we will find one and invite him to join us for an episode.

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