26# Thoughts of a ukrainian girl on the Camino

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
26# Thoughts of a ukrainian girl on the Camino


Today with us Uliana Bilous.

Uliana Bilous decided to walk the Camino Portuguese coastal in 2018. For her, that experience was an incredible way to finding one’s purpose and reconnecting with god. We will talk about how by the end of your journey pilgrims discover that it is never about the path it’s about finding your purpose and finding yourself through the people that you met.

I’ve just finished my Camino a few weeks ago. Many thoughts are in my head. That was truly an amazing and difficult time in my life. What a great experience I had!

The road. It doesn’t matter how fast you reach the goal from point A to point B. Most important is what you’ll feel at the endpoint – joy or feeling of emptiness and loss. The road helps you to find yourself, to explore your soul and body in totally different conditions. It has learned me to love all my disadvantages and benefits.

The road is never easy. It is always a test and new challenges. I didn’t know that my body can be so strong – walk 30 km (even 40 km per day), wake up every morning at 5 am (usually for me it’s 7 am), sometimes don’t eat well and don’t drink enough. The road is also full of happiness – small and usually invisible in our daily life,  things, which on the road become so important and full of sense: the absence of pain in the morning after 30 km walk the day before, a cup of coffee with milk or black tea with lemon in the morning; Coca-Cola with ice in the afternoon’s heat; “Buen Camino!» which people on the street tell you with a smile; blackberries in the woods, when the cafe is still so far away, but you are already so hungry; cold breeze and shadow; relaxing shower in the end of the difficult day; a glass of cold wine and warm food. On the way, you begin to appreciate what was always considered normal in daily life. I was surprised that God has sent me right people in the right time during my Camino. They helped me to walk with their smiles, talks, jokes and hugs. After Camino I’ve learned to be more patient, love people more and completely without any doubts and even when they don’t give you love back. I’ve understood I don’t need many things for living my life. I need just right people beside me and to be the right one for other. And, of course, I need my backpack and good shoes 😉

Camino never ends and it definitely changes people’s life.

Uliana Bilous (Lviv, Ukraine)

Step by step

[skipto time=0:30]0:30 ➤ Intro[/skipto]
[skipto time=3:30]3:30 ➤ Introducing Uliana[/skipto]
[skipto time=4:30]4:30 ➤ The one-minute questionnaire?[/skipto]
[skipto time=6:00]6:00 ➤ How did Uliana discover the Camino de Santiago?[/skipto]
[skipto time=9:00]9:00 ➤ Why the Portuguese coastal? Seeing the ocean for the first time.[/skipto]
[skipto time=15:00]15:00 ➤ Why is the Camino de Santiago so special? Searching and finding answers.[/skipto]
[skipto time=17:00]17:00 ➤ The Camino Portuguese, the experience [/skipto]
[skipto time=26:30]26:30 ➤ What happens when you finish your Camino[/skipto]
[skipto time=30:00]30:00 ➤ Pilgrimages in Ukraine[/skipto]
[skipto time=31:50]31:50 ➤ Walking the Camino as a woman[/skipto]
[skipto time=34:00]34:00 ➤ Farewells[/skipto]


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