Episode 10- Tom The World Walk


Today with us Tom Turcich . On April 2nd, 2015 he left his home in New Jersey to embark on a five-year trek across the seven continents. The dream of walking around the world formed at seventeen after his friend Ann Marie passed. Since her death, he decided to make the most of each day. He will walk the world to become immersed in unknown places and be forced into adventure day after day. In Texas he adopted a dog, Savannah, and ever since they’ve crossed every border together. Savannah is his best friend and the ultimate walking companion.




Thank you all so much for walking with us one more day .Thanks a lot for your ratings, your likes and your feedback on all platforms where the podcast is available. (Itunes, Ivoox, Youtube, Spotify).You can leave your comments on the episode in the comments section of the program’s notes page.If you would like us to talk about a specific topic in the podcast, you have the Propose Topic section.


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