#72-Discovering the Camino through my Boss

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El Camino People - The Podcast
El Camino People - The Podcast
#72-Discovering the Camino through my Boss

In this episode,

we talk to Nora, a Hungarian woman who fell in love with hiking at a young age. Nora shares her journey of discovering the Camino de Santiago, a network of pilgrim routes that lead to the shrine of the apostle Saint James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. Nora talks about how she first learned about the Camino through her boss, who had completed the trail himself and shared his Compostela that was framed in his office and his experience with her. Intrigued by his stories, Nora decided to embark on the Camino herself and soon found herself walking through picturesque landscapes, meeting interesting people and reflecting on her own life journey.

Hungary has a long history of pilgrimages, and the Camino de Santiago has become increasingly popular among Hungarian pilgrims in recent years. Many Hungarians undertake the Camino as a spiritual journey, seeking to deepen their faith and find a sense of purpose in their lives. The Camino has also become an opportunity for Hungarians to connect with pilgrims from all over the world and to experience the unique culture and traditions of Spain.
Aside from the Camino de Santiago, Hungary also boasts many Marian routes, which are dedicated to the Virgin Mary. These routes are marked by shrines and churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and they attract many pilgrims seeking spiritual renewal and inspiration.
Tune in to hear Nora’s inspiring story of how she discovered the Camino through her boss, and how her journey has impacted her life.


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