#70 Walking Liminality: Finding Freedom on the Via Francigena

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El Camino People - The Podcast
El Camino People - The Podcast
#70 Walking Liminality: Finding Freedom on the Via Francigena
  • Walking Liminality is a project developed by two young people, Chiara and Gabriel, who embarked on a journey of walking the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route that stretches from Canterbury to Rome. Besides their goal of producing an ethnographic documentary about their experience, their project also aims to create a community interested in walking, mental health, environment, anthropology, and more. As young voices, their goal is to encourage others who share their interests and principles to be heard.

    For Chiara and Gabriel, the pilgrimage was a profound experience that allowed them to find freedom in various ways. The pilgrimage represented a way to escape prison sentences in the past, but for them, it was an opportunity to escape the constraints of modern life, to find a connection with nature, and to delve into their own minds.

    Their journey started on the outskirts of Rome, where they took their first steps on the Via Francigena, a path that would take them through picturesque Italian towns, across the Swiss Alps, and into the heart of France. The pilgrimage was not without its challenges, as they faced blisters, extreme weather, and the physical demands of walking long distances each day.

    Despite the challenges, the pilgrimage allowed them to slow down and reflect on their lives, to connect with others on the same path, and to find a sense of freedom and peace that they had never experienced before. As they walked, they documented their journey through photos, videos, and personal reflections, with the goal of sharing their experience with others and encouraging more people to embark on similar journeys of self-discovery.

    For Chiara and Gabriel, the pilgrimage was not just about walking from one place to another, but about the transformative power of walking and the sense of community that comes with it. Through their project, Walking Liminality, they hope to inspire others to explore the world on foot and to find the same sense of freedom and connection that they did on their journey.


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