#69 Mushroom Healing and Spiritual Growth on the Camino de Santiago: A Conversation with Tjarda

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El Camino People - The Podcast
El Camino People - The Podcast
#69 Mushroom Healing and Spiritual Growth on the Camino de Santiago: A Conversation with Tjarda

In this podcast interview, Tjarda shares her journey of spiritual growth and how mushrooms have played a role in her personal healing. She also talks about her experience on the Camino de Santiago, a famous pilgrimage route in Spain.

Tjarda discusses how she started exploring plant medicines as a tool for her spiritual growth, and how her experiences with psychedelics led her to become a guide for others. She explains her role in Psilocybin ceremonies and how she creates a safe space for people to have their own spiritual experiences.

Tjarda also shares her experience on the Camino de Santiago. She talks about how the journey allowed her to connect with nature and find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. She also discusses how the Camino can be a powerful tool for personal transformation and healing.


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