43# Walking Caminos all over the world. Capturing them in incredible photographs. Quinton Wall

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
43# Walking Caminos all over the world. Capturing them in incredible photographs. Quinton Wall


There is many Caminos in the world. Some pilgrimages, some more actual some ancient. And I would like to walk them all!!

But for now, I just have to be happy talking with our dear friend Quinton. He has been lucky enough that his work allowed him to travel worldwide and discover, and capture, many routes that for most of us are unknown.

But the Camino de Santiago holds a special place in Quinton’s heart. He shares with us what is the magic of the Camino. We will have time to discover some of the other trails and paths that he has walked. And also about his amazing gallery of pictures from his journeys.

Come today with us and discover why more people decided now to work for living vs live for working.

You can discover more about Quinton here:


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