40# 18 Years walking and documenting the Camino de Santiago

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El Camino People- The Podcast
El Camino People- The Podcast
40# 18 Years walking and documenting the Camino de Santiago


The first time that you walk to Santiago you may think that this is a one in a lifetime event. But suddenly one after another, you start linking Camino after Camino. And one day you wake up with a passion that pusses you to do something more than walk.

And that is how Michael Matynka, aka Wise Pilgrim, turned his life into one dedicated to the Camino de Santiago. In today’s interview, we will walk through Michael’s Caminos and discover how his love for photography and for pilgrimages ended in the creation of the Wise Pilgrim Guides and The Wise Pilgrim Portrait Project.

Step by step

0:26➤ Intro
3:10 ➤ Introducing Michael from Wise Pilgrim Guides
6:50 ➤ The one minute questionaire
10:00 ➤ The discovering of the Camino de Santiago
12:50 ➤ The first Camino, the Camino Frances
18:50 ➤ The beginning of the Camino guide books
27:00 ➤ The Camino and the Camino family
32:30 ➤ Sharing the Camino with your family and friends, a photographer with no pictures
40:00 ➤ From memories to paper. The Wise Pilgrim Guide was born.
44:30 ➤ The path… el Camino. A journey.
50:00 ➤ Keeping the Wise Pilgrim Guide alive.
58:00 ➤ Look at the bright side of the Camino, the Camino as means of answering questions that are otherwise very challenging 
1:05:30 ➤ The Wise Pilgrim Portrait Project
1:13:00 ➤ The Camino has no answers, is just a place for you to find them
1:18:00 ➤ Guide books waiting for pilgrims
1:31:00 ➤ Future plans


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