Why me?

Born and bred in Pamplona, the gate of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I can affirm that I know the people. I can confidently take you around the land, introduce you to the locals, and guide you through my favourite less-known spots as well as the common paths.

Camino Consulting


Do you have questions about which Camino to choose?


Wonder where to take a break at the end of the day?

Time of the year

What is the best time  or seasson of the year to walk?

Backpack / Luggage

Concerns about what to carry?


What is the best outfit?


Any other questions you have.

Every pilgrim has doubts, questions, and concerns about touring the Caminos. It’s normal to think about the routes you’ll take, where you’ll lodge, what you’ll eat, and how the weather will be. Yet, you don’t have to stress your head about these.

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