Et Suseia

Congratulations if you are one of those called. When you set out you will walk every day with the Sun on the horizon, yes, and you will do it like so many other pilgrims. And there you will find time to listen to yourself and to listen. And you may well think that this experience is enough. It is enough.

Now think if, in addition to being one of those called, you want to be one of the chosen ones: the Way does not only talk about going further -Ultreia- but about doing it -Suseia- higher: about making our experience help us grow as a whole person, in all our dimensions. It is true that the Way does not give away, does not invent anything, does not take anything out of nothing. But it does help us to know our full potential. The best we have as human beings.

This is a slow process that requires willingness, balance, attention… You can try it only at the risk of looking at what is not or looking where there is none, or you can take advantage of our experience. It is not that we are magicians but we know how to make your experience as enriching as possible.

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