Pilgrim mass

Due to restoration works inside the Cathedral, masses are celebrated in other churches in the city. Read below for more information.

Pilgrim’s Mass is held every day at 12.00 p.m. and 7.30 a.m. In Holy Years the number of pilgrim masses increases, due to the large influx of pilgrims. If you want to find sitting room you should arrive early, as these masses are always very busy.

Priests who wish to concelebrate should contact the Sacristy of the Cathedral at least 20 minutes before Mass.

At the beginning of the Mass, and as a special welcome, a list of pilgrims who have arrived in Santiago and passed through the Pilgrim’s Office in the last 24 hours is read out, mentioning the starting points of their pilgrimage and their nationalities or the provinces they come from.


Pilgrim’s Mass during restorations

Santiago is getting ready for the Xacobean year in 2021. And for that reason, the Cathedral is under restoration. Pilgrims can still visit the interior of the Cathedral, visit the remains of the Saint and hug the apostle.

Directions Cathedral pilgrims mass

During the restoration of the Pilgrim mass will be held at:

Iglesia de San Francisco: Daily Pilgrim’s Mass – 12:00 am

Mass in other languages will be as follows:

Messe in deutscher Sprahe. Täglich, 8 uhr [Mai – Oktober].

Kirche von San Fiz de Solovio.

Msza po polsku. pn-pt 9:30 [lipiec – wrzesień].

Kościół San Fiz de Solovio

Messe en français. Tous les jours, 8:00 h [Mai – Octobre].

Chapelle du Centro Internacional de Acogida al Peregrino

Holy Mass in English: every day, 9:30 am [From March to November].

Chapel of the Pilgrim’s Reception Office

Santa Messa in lingua italiana. Da lunedì a sabato, alle 10:30 [maggio – ottobre]

Chiesa di San Fiz de Solovio.

Cathedral to Solovio
Cathedral Information
All the information about time and access to the Cathedral

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