I walk to Santiago from Home


Since due to the famous coronavirus we cannot leave our house, we have created this initiative to travel the Way of Saint James along the so-called French Way.


  • We are going to walk to El Camino Frances starting in Saint Jean on March 16th
  • We have created 3 groups of WhatsApp (for now) Spanish, English e Italian
  • Every day we will use the hastag #IWALKTOSANTIAGOFROMHOME
  • Every day we will add #hastag of the stage
  • We need you all to share this with your friends
  • We will encourage everyone to share their memories in the stories ,post or IGTV.
  • Let’s do something big and show the world the pode of El Camino de Santiago

FIRST STAGE- Saint Jean – Roncesvalles

  • Reflection sheet on the first stage DOWNLOAD

SECOND STAGE- Roncesvalles- Zubiri

  • Reflection sheet on the second stage DOWNLOAD

THIRD STAGE- Zubiri- Pamplona

  • Reflection sheet on the third stage DOWNLOAD

FOURTH STAGE- Pamplona – Puente la Reina

  • Reflection sheet on the fourth stage

FIFTH STAGE- Puente la Reina – Estella

  • Reflection sheet on the fifth stage

SIXTH STAGE- Estella – Viana

  • Reflection sheet on the sixth stage

SEVENTH STAGE- Viana – Najera

  • Reflection sheet on the seventh stage

EIGHTH STAGE- Najera – Grañon

  • Reflection sheet on the eighth stage

NINTH STAGE- Grañon – Villafranca de Montes de Oca

  • Reflection sheet on the ninth stage

TENTH STAGE- Villafranca Montes de Oca – Burgos

  • Reflection sheet on the thenth stage

ELEVENTH STAGE- Burgos – Hontanas

  • Reflection sheet on the thenth stage

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