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Would you love find out how touring El Camino de Santiago can make significant impact in your company?

Camino Coaching

Are you a CEO or CFO? It’s true that company executives are often busy people with little or no time to relax and explore the many beautiful things of life. But who says you can’t take some time off to enjoy nature and admire the wonders outside the work environment

Our Proposal

El Camino People Coaching Service is designed to help you discover a new way to coach your employees and grow your company. It is important that every CEO or CTO takes part in this coaching. Why? With the ever increasing changes in the corporate world, it’s vital for you to build your leadership stamina. Camino Coaching prepares you to take on new challenges with executive coaching that also targets work-life balance.

Improve yourself while walking

With our Coaching tours, you get accustomed to new ways to improve your productivity and scale your business. Plus, you find a myriad of opportunities to unplug from work and avoid getting burned out ever again.

In essence, you can become acquainted with more fun ways to enhance your productivity and performance. Equally, you get to work with your business equals, the best coaches, and facilitators who understand your business philosophy and share your business goals.

The aim is to help your company increase the overall employee output. When your team members are happy, they’ll exhibit a natural, swift response for work. And when they work within the expected time and designed structure, your company will record a higher level of productivity and profit.

How El Camino People Coaching Helps Company Executives

We discuss with you to figure out why you need this executive coaching

We customize an executive coaching where you can meet other executives who share similar business goals and visions

You get to spend time with carefully handpicked executive coaches, leaders, and facilitators who can help you relieve stress, find possible solutions to company challenges, and become attuned to your personal goals. These coaches are experienced, skilled, and sound in organizational operations.

Build your team

El Camino People presents companies with engaging and fun activities to enable employees mingle and improve their social interaction. Working in a team can be exciting especially when you feel like you are seen, heard, and respected.