Companies and organizations


In the mists of time, the pilgrim who walked to Santiago used the voice ultreia -beyond, ahead- to encourage other pilgrims on their way. Although the Camino is an individual experience, it is lived in a group and shared. Often those who start out as perfect strangers in Roncesvalles, end up becoming a synchronized family full of affection when they arrive in Santiago de Compostela.

A family in which each of its members has different motivations, qualities and skills but in which all the motivations, qualities and skills end up being put in common to achieve a single goal: to reach Santiago de Compostela squeezing every step of the Camino.

In the world of families, organizations and companies, we are increasingly in need of this kind of magic. A spell that is explained by the culture of : Communication, trust and collaboration. The necessary tools for the most valuable asset (the people) to work as a team and multiply exponentially their results.

If you want to have a cohesive and competitive company, we can help you. At El Camino, we can make your employees feel and function as a team, knowing and wanting to create a friendly work environment. When people are motivated, happy and committed to a project, their response is always collaborative and constructive.

How can El Camino People’s Ultreia program help you?

Tell us what you want to achieve. We will analyze your work system, what each member of your group contributes, what they want to achieve and what you want to achieve.

We customize the Camino experience to your needs: we will look for challenges that will help us to eliminate vices and smooth the rough edges within your team, we will set goals to reinforce its cohesion.

We will guide your experience with carefully selected leaders and facilitators who will help you relieve stress, find possible solutions to your challenges, and tune in to your personal and collective goals.

Develop your team

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is a method tested by more than a thousand years of experience and millions of people whose lives have changed. In El Camino People we did not invent anything. But we know what the Camino de Santiago de Compostela brings at each moment, how to enter each of its sections to squeeze the experience and when to make that inner silence that helps us understand the importance and necessity of each change.

We will facilitate the change of mentality and attitude that your company, your association, your family needs and we will do it with attractive and fun activities, impregnated with the philosophy of the Camino de Santiago, so that employees can live together, improve their social interaction and discover that collaborating to build something is much more fun and enriching than fighting for someone else not to achieve it.

It’s Time

You know what you’re looking for. You know you need it. Now you just need to show the determination to make it happen. Are you ready to build a stronger and happier team in your company, in your association, in your family? Contact us and we will assess your needs, see how we can help you and, if you want, we will design the experience for your group.

Forma y fortalece a tu equipo

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela es un método testado por más de mil años de experiencias y millones de personas a las que les ha cambiado la vida. En El Camino People no inventamos nada. Pero conocemos qué aporta el Camino de Santiago de Compostela en cada momento, cómo hay que entrar en cada uno de sus tramos para exprimir la experiencia y cuándo hay que hacer ese silencio interior que nos ayuda a entender la importancia y la necesidad de cada cambio.

Facilitaremos el cambio de mentalidad y actitud que necesita tu empresa, tu asociación, tu familia y lo haremos con actividades atractivas y divertidas, impregnadas de la filosofía del Camino de Santiago, para que los empleados convivan, mejoren su interacción social y descubran que colaborar para construir algo es mucho más divertido y enriquecedor que pelear para que otro no lo logre.

Es hora

Sabes lo que estás buscando. Sabes que lo necesitas. Ahora solo tienes que mostrar la determinación necesaria para lograrlo. ¿Estás dispuesto a construir un equipo más fuerte y feliz en tu empresa, en tú asociación, en tu familia? Contacta con nosotros y evaluaremos tus necesidades, veremos cómo te podemos ayudar y, si lo quieres, diseñaremos la experiencia para tu grupo.