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NGO Consulting

Want to raise awareness for your NGO?
Want to raise money for a project?
Are you looking for a better way to promote your NGO?

Tranining , Coaching

Are you in that point of your career that need some professional coaching?
Or looking for some teamwork activities for your company?

Camino Consulting

Need help planning your Camino?
Looking for a different experience?
Want to make the most out of your travel experience?

Brand - Media

Are you a brand?
Want to collaborate with ElCaminoPeople?

NGO Consulting

One day I realized that there were a lot of people walking El Camino to raise awareness for their NGO/Projects/Causes, but they weren’t getting all the attention that they could. No connection with the press here in Spain, not a proper social media campaign, not even a website to raise funds. So that is why we are here for; to help you raise the largest amount of funds that you can for your cause. We will use all of our expertise with social media, growth-hacking, web development, SEO and SEM to make your project successful.

Training, Coaching & Workshops

As I work through my MBA I realized that coaching is such a great tool for personal and professional development. But in-company coaching cycles involve some barriers that are hard to overcome. The Camino allows us to work without those impediments to help you reach your goals. Also, it is the perfect environment to develop teamwork activities and work on soft skills.

Its also a perfect place to get your office for a day outside, why not unplug from the daily routine and take a break to focus on yourself and your team?

Camino Consulting

A lot of people decide to work El Camino by themselves without guide or preparation, and that is completely normal and one of the best options. But if you are looking for a more unique experience or feel like need some guide prior to or during your Camino we are here to help. When to do it, safety measures, which Camino to choose, and even why not a more gastronomic Camino, maybe your looking for a  religious retrieve, experience the most high-end hotels in Spain … Or just looking for a locals help

Media – Brand

We work with a team of experts on marketing and web design. We can help you develop your brand identity to connect with the people and get recognition. We can build a website to attract clients. Help you develop a social media strategy to grow your social media awareness. Create campaigns trough growth-hacking techniques that can and will help efficiently grow your business.

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