Camino Consultation

Every pilgrim has doubts, questions, and concerns about touring the Caminos. It’s normal to think about the routes you’ll take, where you’ll lodge, what you’ll eat, and how the weather will be. Yet, you don’t have to stress your head about these.

Clear Your Doubts

El Camino People has designed this Camino consultancy service to calm your fears and raise your confidence level. Here, you’ll find answers to all your enquiries concerning taking Camino walks, guided tours, hotels and albergues, food and wine, cycling or hiking, and many more.


Do you have questions about which Camino to choose?

Backpack / Luggage

Concerns about what to carry?


Wonder where to take a break at the end of the day?


What is the best outfit?

Time of the year

What is the best time  or seasson of the year to walk?


Any other questions you have.

Let’s Talk

I offer you a 15 minute free of charge contact call to touchbase.

The channels available for consultation are:





Camino with dogs

Also, if you’re wondering about bringing your loved ones or pet, I’ll provide all the answers you need. You only get tips and information concerning tour guides, maps, departure locations, and difficulty level. I help you appreciate your ability to tour and stretch your feet beyond the usual.

Choose Your Consultation Option

There are four products designed to fit your consultation needs. Find out all you need to know by selecting your preferred consultancy option:

Camino Concerns

50 minutes / one time

The Camino Concerns lasts 50 minutes. In this session, you get to address all your doubts about your planned trip to El Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago doubts consulting

My First Camino

3 hours / 3-4 sessions

This session lasts 3 hours total. During this period, I’ll provide you general information relating to pilgrims. Next, you get another hour of consultation to get clarifications on your preferred Camino routes.

This consultation option enlightens first-time pilgrims on when to arrive in Spain, how to make reservations, what things to pack, how to choose a Camino, and more.

Family Camino

3 hours / 3-4 sessions

Are you planning to travel with your family? This consultation option equally offers you 3 hours of discussion and insight on the best way to pack your gear ,choose the path that fits you and your family better and make reservations that’s convenient for all members of your family.

If you have a baby, you could read this pilgrim story of the couple who toured the Caminos for several weeks with their 1-year-old son.

Family camino

Special Needs Camino

4 hours / 3-4 sessions

Do you have special needs which will affect your El Camino de Santiago tour? I have worked with several individuals with special needs and other requirements. Together, we can plan your Camino walks.

In 4 hours, I’ll help you get familiar with the best routes to take, what safety measures to employ, necessary training, and international transfer tips among others.

You’ll also get an additional hour to ask all other questions which are specific to pilgrims with special needs. Get inspired by Javier’s story.

Special needs

Book your Consultation

Having walked several Caminos, organized various summer camps, and gathered knowledge of hiking and camping, I know what pilgrims need in terms of El Camino walks.

Also, as a local who knows the Caminos like the back of my hand, I am positive that I am the perfect contact person for all your Camino concerns, questions, and news. Plus, l lived in the US for more than 6 years. So, I’m familiar with people and pilgrims of different cultures, nationalities, and ideologies.

Got Camino questions? Choose your consultation option and contact us now. I am eager to hear from you.