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In the night of times the pilgrim who walked to Santiago used the Ultreian voice -beyond, ahead- to encourage other pilgrims on their way. Although the Way is an individual experience, it is lived in a group and shared. Often those who start out as perfect strangers in Roncesvalles end up becoming a synchronized family full of affection when they arrive in Santiago de Compostela.

A family in which each of its members has different motivations, qualities and skills but in which all the motivations, qualities and skills end up being put together to achieve a single objective, the common goal: to reach Santiago de Compostela by squeezing every step of the Way.

In the world of family, organizations and business we are increasingly in need of this kind of magic. A spell that can be explained by the culture of the three ‘C’s: Communication, trust and collaboration. The necessary tools for the most valuable asset (people) to be able to work as a team and multiply their results exponentially.

The goal is to help your company increase the overall production of employees. When your team members are happy, they will show a natural and quick response to work. And when they work within the designed time and structure, your company will record a higher level of productivity and profits.

How El Camino People’s Ultreia program can help

We analyze with you your needs to find out why you need your company and

We personalize an experience in which your company…blabla

You will spend time with carefully selected executive coaches, leaders, and facilitators who will help you relieve stress, find possible solutions to business challenges, and tune in to your business and personal goals. All of our facilitators are experienced, skilled and experienced in working with organizations.

Work with your team

At El Camino People we provide companies with attractive and fun activities on the Camino de Santiago so that employees can mix and improve their social interaction. Working in a team can be exciting, especially when you feel that you are seen, heard and respected.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to build a stronger and happier team in your company or organization? Contact us to discuss your needs and other details needed to organize a group experience.