World Trails Network

Last year I attended the World Trails Conference in Santiago de Compostela. An amazing experience that led me to an incredible opportunity to contribute to the promotion of trails worldwide and to discover an amazing group of people with incredible personal stories.

«The World Trails Network strives to connect the diverse trails of the world to promote the creation, enhancement, and protection of outstanding trail experiences, by advocating for the protection of nature and culture linked to trails. All members of the World Trails Network proudly strive to uphold the values of the World Trails Manifesto.»

A vision of trails (WTN)

What is the World Trails Network

I think that the best way to explain what the WTN is to watch the World Trails Manifesto video.

the. trail. manifesto

we are a trail tribe.
we walk. we run. we hike. we ride.
trail is our story.  our playground.
a sexy line. past peaks. through valleys. way over waterfalls.
beyond visions and goals and deadlines and beats.
where we go we leave no trace. we follow simple signs.
explore by reaching further. connect by going deeper.
our answers lie not at the end but on the way.
no reason needed. because it is. is enough.
every dream adventure. every journey meaning.
every wild thing at home. rising moon and sun and endless sky.
take a map. carry water. be trail ready. embrace all elements. sleep under stars.
love what is wild. and taste the salt of trying.
be alone. be together. or just be.
we this tribe. stay the course and keep on track.
we collaborate. we educate. we celebrate.
we love that old song freedom. we care. yes.
we protect nature. preserve heritage.
share culture. sustain communities.
and every time give thanks by giving back.
every step makes a difference. every trail makes a life.

this is our manifesto:
to always love the path beneath our feet.
to roam. to share. to wander on.
be it walk or ride or hike or run
we are a trail tribe.
and the trail is a call to everyone.


Why promote hiking and walking?


Hiking and walking are one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation activities, and surveys reflect this popularity. Hiking combines several pursuits – an interest in scenery, wildlife, solitude, and discovery – all in a low-impact form of healthy recreation. Wilderness experiences are sought out by hikers to relieve stress, and outdoor experiences have been shown to decrease attention deficit disorder, obesity, and depression. Hiking and walking potentially reduces healthcare costs. Being outdoors promotes self-reliance and an increased awareness of one’s own coping abilities. Low-impact outdoor recreational pursuits, such as hiking and walking, also contribute to local economies, helping both developed world and developing world communities establish sustainable economic growth.

The Core Objectives of the WTN

Promote Trails

Preserve Trails

Perpetuate Trails

trail wood path

Trail Task Teams

WTN volunteers

The goal of the Trail Task Teams is to collaborate on projects that promote any of the Core Objectives. All the teams are coordinated by a Chairperson that is part of the International Advisory Committee.

If you are looking to volunteer some of your time for a great cause here is some of the teams that you can join.

  • TRAILS & EVENTS – Conferences, Events & Trail Expeditions
  • TRAILS & KNOWLEDGE – Resource Sharing and Education
  • TRAILS & TOURISM – Trail Tourism, Travel & Trail Destinations
  • TRAILS & NATURE – Biodiversity and Conservation
  • TRAILS & SUSTAINABILITY – Development, Maintenance and Best Practices
  • TRAILS & TOWNS – Cities and Urban Trails
  • TRAILS & MEDIA – Media
  • TRAILS & CULTURE – Cultural Heritage and Pilgrimage Trails

As an old member of the TRAILS & MEDIA team, I would encourage all of you to join a Team. Is an incredible opportunity to work in an international environment with like-minded people that believe that we can change this world an leave it a little better than we found it.

Right now, at the Trails & Media team, we are working on organizing the next World Trails Film Festival that will take place in Nepal in 2020. It has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and to love trails more every day.

I know that this is not a Camino de Santiago post, but as we grow I think that is important to tell stories that are close to what we, ElCaminoPeople, believe. And taking care of our trails, promoting them, becoming one with the trail and of course telling the story of the people that make all of this possible is what we are here for. Because indeed, some stories need to be told. Ultreia!

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  • Elizabeth del Valle Quijada
    febrero 4, 2021 12:36 am

    Vivir la naturaleza en su plenitud mientras avanzas y conoces personas y te estableces metas a corto plazo, llegare a este albergue , veré este árbol, cruzare tal rio nos crea una expectativa constante que hace disfrutes el caminar y conocer muestra de ello es El Camino de Costa Rica que cruza un pais por diferentes ecosistemas de una inmensa riqueza al igual que su gente y su cultura

    • Sin lugar a duda. Un Camino , que como el de Santiago es mucho mas que caminar. Espero poder recorrerlo algun dia!


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