Travelling to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago(update 5/21/21)

Since the beginning of May Spain’s state of alarm ended. What does it mean for international travellers?

As for today, most countries must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Each countries regulations vary and will change during the summer so we invite you to check for updates here and also on our Instagram and YouTube channels.


Today’s BOE includes a ministerial order that modifies the current border closure. Specifically, it does so to include Japan and the United Kingdom in the list of countries from which you can enter Spain freely, without the need to prove that the reasons for the trip are within any of the exceptions that do affect the rest of the countries.

Thus, from Monday, May 24, those arriving from these two countries will be able to travel to Spain without restrictions, as is already the case with travellers arriving from the Schengen states, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, China and Israel.

Travellers from the United Kingdom will have to undergo a 10-day quarantine and two COVID tests on their return.

General measures for pilgrims coming from out of the EU

There are two requirements to enter Spain: the PCR test and filling in a specific form. Canada recommends not leaving the country at this time.

1. PCR test. A negative test of active infection by Covid-19 is required in the 72 hours prior to arrival in order to enter Spain through ports or airports. The antigen test is invalid.

Supported PDIA modalities for SARS-CoV-2 are: PCR (RT-PCR), TMA (Transcription Mediated Magnification) and other tests based on equivalent molecular techniques. In any case, children under the age of six who arrive in Spain are exempt from presenting this diagnostic test.

2. Form (information here).

In all cases, it is mandatory to fill out the Spain Health Control form (FCS). It must be completed and signed it online before your trip to Spain. You may access the form and sign it through the Spain Travel Health portal or through the apps for Android or iOS devices.

Travelling to Spain specific country regulations

On this website, you can check the specific rules applying to each country of origin. Travel Safe

1.Select your origin country.

2. Check the specific rules that apply to your country

3. Remember registering at the Galician Coronavirus Travellers Website link

AMC Camino de Santiago Frances UPDATE

The AMC( Asociación de Municipios del Camino de Santiago) is updating this map often to give us the latest information about the status of the Camino Frances.


? Confinement: no
? Curfew: no
? Meetings: not limited. In hospitality 4 people per table indoors and 6 outdoors.
☕ Catering: indoor and outdoor with restrictions. Closing at 22:00 hours.
?️ Commerce: no restrictions.


? Confinement: no.
? Curfew: no
? Meetings: 6 people in outdoor spaces and four in enclosed spaces.
☕ Restoration: only on the terrace until 22:00 hours. On May 17 they open indoors.
?️ Commerce: no restrictions.

La Rioja.

? Confinement: no.
? Curfew: no
? Meetings: recommendation of no more than 6 people in both outdoor and indoor spaces.
☕ Catering: indoor and outdoor with restrictions and six people per table. Closing at 00:00h.
?️ Commerce: no restrictions.

Castilla y León

? Confinement: no.
? Curfew: no
? Meetings: no restriction
☕ Catering: indoor/outdoor with restrictions, six diners per table and closing at 00:00h.
?️ Commerce: no restrictions.


? Confinement: no.
? Curfew: no
? Meetings: meetings of non-cohabitants are prohibited between 01:00 hours and 06:00 hours.
☕ Catering: indoor/outdoor with restrictions. Bars closing at 23:00 hours. Restaurants at 01:00 hours.
?️ Commerce: no restrictions.