Camino Insurance

El Camino People is in partnership with Europ Assistance, through Seguros Abascal an insurance company in Pamplona that provides innovative care and mobility services to millions of people around the world. Pilgrims who take Camino walks with us can enjoy the benefits of the insurance package designed particularly for us.


This insurance coverage caters for pilgrims who’ll be touring El Camino de Santiago on foot


If you’ll be cycling your way through the Camino routes, you should consider purchasing this insurance package

Basically, the insurance for pilgrims through El Camino People is a referral program. You get to enjoy certain perks when you select and purchase the plan that suits you.

Visit the Europ Assistance site using this link. Here, you’ll find all the information you need about insurance for Camino walks. Complete the procedure for purchasing insurance coverage on their site.

Read this document to learn more about the insurance for pilgrims.

Pricing European resident

4 to 7 days
€ 19
8 to 10 days
€ 24
21 to 40 days
€ 91
41 to 60 days
€ 202

Prices are subjected to change without notice during buying process

Pricing-Non Resident

4 to 7 days
€ 27
8 to 10 days
€ 34
21 to 40 days
€ 131
41 to 60 days
€ 288

How to contract the insurance

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